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If like most girls, you have dreamt of your perfect wedding since before you were engaged, or before you were even in a long term relationship, then you have probably pictured the perfect wedding dress on you. In my opinion, it’s never too early to start looking for your wedding dress.The Wedding Doctor

I would recommend, that the first time you go, treat it more as a fun experience by taking your bridesmaids, mother, sisters, and have a day out! How about an afternoon tea in between appointments to get that energy surge. Just don’t overload and end up too bloated to try any more dresses on! I thought I was so organised with my first try at it. I took my bridesmaids and had a whole day planned out in central London. I made 2 appointments in different areas (quite far apart). Way in advanced by the way. I also booked us afternoon tea near to the second appointment. We all met outside the first shop just before 11am – the time of the appointment. The shop looked dark – no sign of life inside. We waited outside, thinking someone will turn up soon.

We tried looking through the window to see some of the dresses – some looked gorgeous! 20 minutes went by, and still nothing. We had now started staring at passers-by thinking that one of them was the owner and would be opening up the store. After 40 minutes of waiting around and numerous phone calls/voicemails to the store we decided to give up. It was clear that the shop had forgotten about my appointment. Maybe being too organised and booking so far in advance was a bad thing!

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A couple of tips:

Make appointments – most bridal shops won’t let you try any on if you haven’t got an appointment. If you are going on a weekend then you will definitely need to book in advanced. Confirm these appointments a few days before! Learn from my mistake. It’s
a way of giving them a gentle hint not to forget you!

Make a list of shops to visit – go within the same area so that you don’t spend most your day driving around or on the tube/train. Remember you can always head to another area on another day.

If you are shopping in India for your outfit then be patient. Stores tend to show you old stock that they want to get rid of first, and they won’t show you their best dresses until they know you aren’t wasting their time.

If you have any styles or designers in mind then save some pictures and check for stockists. Treat the first time as a bit of fun, then If you go a second time don’t take too many people with you as too many opinions can make things more confusing.

Don’t rush and panic buy – there are so many shops and dresses out there. Don’t be afraid to try on styles you never thought would suit you – even if it is for your bridesmaids amusement only.

Look out for sample sales – you can end up buying designer dresses for 50% off the original price!

Bring a strapless bra/good underwear with you.

Don’t rush and get pressurised into buying accessories from the same store. Check online or in other stores for veils/belts once you have bought your dress. If you are lucky enough to find ‘the one’ then try to get the price reduced by agreeing to buy it that same day. Often stores will do this for dresses bought from a sale rack, as they want a quick sale.

This may sound silly, but make sure you feel good the day you go. Feeling hung over or ill or having greasy hair will not make you feel like the beautiful bride you are!

1.Step out of your comfort zone
2.Make appointments and re confirm them
3.Enjoy the experience

By Natasha - The Wedding Doctor - Instagram - @theweddingdoctor