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Jay Shree Krishna,

First and foremost my humble pranam to my parents Ramaben and Mansukhbhai. My name is Vijesh Khetia (Vijay Maharaj). I am a Hindu (Jain) priest based in London, Uk  and I travel nationally and internationally to perform ceremonies and rituals.

I perform Hindu Vedic related ceremonies, starting from Upanayan (Janoi) to specializing in Marriage ceremony.

I conduct wedding ceremony in Sanskrit with added Gujarati and fluent English translations. I believe, every ritual has a special meaning and therefore it gives me great pleasure in explaining its importance.

I believe marriage is the most important ceremony in ones life, therefore it should be performed spiritually with joy.


Vijesh Khetia Hindu Priest
Vijesh Khetia Hindu Priest
Potters Bar, United Kingdom 02038268535
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