The City Pavilion

Luxurious, impressive and classy-chic are some of the words many have used to describe The Millennium Suite at the City Pavilion. Established as one of London’s foremost venues, once you enter the space you are immediately impressed by the ambience, size and sophistication of the room. Seasoned venue finders have been describing it as the “best venue in London of its size and capacity“.

Walk through the doors, up the stairs and through the grand entrance of The Millennium Suite and you are presented with a room that can seat over 2000 people. Expert architects have been used to ensure the flow of the space is second to none with great visibility all round, with not a single pillar blocking valuable viewpoints. The superb Swarovski crystal fibre optic chandeliers are complimented by subtle wall lighting all of which can be programmed to the colour of your choice. A state of the art sound system provides superb clarity for both speech and music that will keep your guests fully engaged with proceedings.

With such a large capacity we have ensured that there is ample car parking on site, accommodating over 650 vehicles.

The Millennium Suite
The City Pavilion
Providence Place, Collier Row Road, Dagenham, Romford RM5 2BH, UK

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