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My name is Soham Acharya and I am a qualified Hindu Priest living in Crawley, West Sussex.

I have studied Sanskrit (ancient Vedic language) since childhood and received spiritual knowledge after rigorous practice from a Gurukul situated in Siddhpura, North Gujarat, India.

I specialise in conducting complete silent weddings with full English explanations or a mixer of Gujarati and Hindi as per client's requirement.

Hindu Weddings

In my experience, the modern day couples view Hindu weddings as a mixture of old practices, intricate rituals and unfathomable customs. The role of a Hindu priest here is to make relevant this most ancient of traditions and present it in contemporary manner suitable to the modern day couple. Having conducted over 100’s of weddings I bring my time-tested experience to you on your most special day.  After all, marriage is considered the most sacred bond of union between man and a woman who are destined to meet.

As a Hindu Priest, I will promise to do the following:

Tailor your wedding and other ceremonies to suit your needs, at the same time observing the essence of Hindu traditions

Honour the traditional rituals of the ceremony and provide a contemporary explanation of the underlying sentiments in English, Gujarati  or Hindi

Ensure your wedding and other ceremonies take place according to your time and schedule requirements

Engage and interact with your guests during the ceremony and involve them during all major parts of the ceremony (for example, antarpatta, kanya-daan, Mangal-fera, Saptapadi)

Create an enjoyable, pleasant environment  and try to make the day memorable for you and everyone present

I do not hold my Hindu Priest duties as a profession but rather as my ethical and moral responsibility towards the Hindu society.  I can assure you I have a deep regard, respect and faith in what I do and I carry out all my ceremonies with utmost diligence, care and love.

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Soham Acharya Hindu Priest
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