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Shyam is an award winning magician and a full member of The Magic Circle. He has over 10 years professional experience in making any event unforgettable.

Shyam first got into magic by experiencing his first magic trick at a wedding reception. He witnessed something impossible that night, he followed the magician and saw the laughter and joy he gave to the people he met. It was at that moment Shyam realised what he wanted to do: Spread the joy of magical moments to others to create the perfect event.

Shyam has entertained at birthday's, wedding's, corporate events and even celebrities around the world, leaving guests speechless after experiencing his incredible repertoire of Magic, Hypnosis & Mentalism.

One of the most important aspects of any event is the entertainment. Whatever event it is, you want it to be special. SJ Magic will be the perfect ice breaker. Making you're guests gasp, laugh or scream their head off! SJ Magic will ensure that your guests will never forget you're special event.
SJ Magic covers a variety of events Weddings: Mendhi/Music Nights, Reception Parties, Wedding Day, and much more...

Magic at The Meridian Grand
SJ Magic
London, United Kingdom

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