Rhythm 'N' Bass


Rhythm ‘N’ Bass are a group of professional Dhol Players with years of experience performing at many occasions such as weddings, parties, parades, melas and many more.

Rhythm ‘N’ Bass perform mind blowing beats and rhythms creating an enjoyable atmosphere for your guests to join in and dance.

We have reasonable rates and you are guaranteed not to find cheaper Dhol players at our advanced level. We are continuously innovating and improving our talent and assure you that you’ll want us coming back to perform at all your events.

We are able to play for all events and occasions.

The dhol has been around since the 15th century and is widely known in India and the UK. The dhol creates a sharp and powerful sound that can entertain people for hours on end. It is a traditional instrument made from a large wooden shell. On both sides of the shell are skins made from different materials. Rope is then woven through to get the sound of treble and bass. It is used for many occasions and festivals such as Navrati and Asian weddings. This instrument is sure to make any event enjoyable.

We are certain that our dholis will keep your heart pounding and feet tapping for the entire event! Our beats are unique and dynamic, and we are able to play a variety of rhythms according to your event.

So don’t wait any longer, book your dholi's today!

Rhythm 'N' Bass
Rhythm 'N' Bass
London, United Kingdom rhythmnbass@theweddinghut.co.uk

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