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Here at Reign Hair and Makeup we are professionally qualified in Bridal Hair and Makeup. Based in Telford, with nationwide coverage. What started as a hobby years ago, slowly turned into a profession with the support of clientele and family. Our love for fashion, hair and makeup will give any client the look they envision. We at Reign believe that hair and makeup is not something that should completely alter the way a woman looks, that she no longer feels like herself. We aim to make her feel her best in her own skin, with her own style, making her feel proud and comfortable to show off her look.
We truly believe a woman’s beauty is skin deep, allowing makeup to enhance and bring out that real beauty and individuality. Aspiring to make every woman feel confident, attractive and elegant, we will provide nothing but the best service for each and every individual we have the pleasure of working with.
Our services are carried out by using some of the most well known and luxurious products on the market. MAC, Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Nars, Dior, are just some of the products we work with. Using the finest products ensures clients that only the best quality makeup is used. We believe that all our clientele deserve the best in every part of their time with us, from the products we use, the service we deliver and perfecting the small details that individualise each client.

We are extremely passionate about our work and the people we meet, this plays a huge part in where we stand today. We have worked with some incredible people, such as designers not only linked to celebs, but ones that have dressed and designed clothing for them. A few well known ones are Destiny’s Child and The Spice Girls. We have also worked with one of the biggest names in the fashion high street, known to celebs and fashion lovers as Lipsy. We were recommended to be makeup artists on the set of an online vintage clothing shoot, organised and presented by Leah Charles a mainstream television presenter and singer/songwriter. Fashion is not the only thing we have had the pleasure of working alongside, media is another. We were chosen to partake as part of the official hair and makeup team, in a short Asian based reality TV series. Music videos are another media aspect we at Reign have worked on. Working alongside various artists and on music videos, with new and previously known stars, one of the most popular videos we worked on was Benny Dhaliwal’s, “Remember”.

It doesn’t end there, not only do we team work on projects to do with Fashion, Media, Bridal Hair and Makeup, we also take time to help and support charities. Being involved in a number of charities over the years, to help raise money and awareness for Cancer and children’s charities, has given us a sense of giving back to those less fortunate and less able. This gives us a sense of accomplishment as we contribute our services, time and donate to help those we can.

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