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Rajbhog Caterers, a specialist pure vegetarian catering company creating exquisite Indian cuisine, on site or prepared to complete your wedding or event with perfect taste.

With over 15 years in industry, Rajbhog has a wealth of experience and knowledge within its specialist team of chefs and event managers. We ensure great tasting food for every occasion, using only, the freshest ingredients, specially sourced to produce mouthwatering dishes; the truth really is in the taste!

Rajbhog Caters to events of any size, we cater for weddings, receptions, special events, home events, morning breakfast and many other events. To date, we have created unique dishes for each and every event we have managed. So call us now for a free quotation and ideas for the perfect menu!

Vegetarian food is our specialty; including Swaminarayan, Jain, Pure Gujarati and vegan menus. We even provide onion and garlic free dishes.

Rajbhog - Vegetarian Catering Menu
Rajbhog Catering
Wembley HA0 1NR, United Kingdom rajbhogcatering@theweddinghut.co.uk

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