Pagh Vala

We are specialists in providing expertly tied turbans that encompass a wide range of styles such as Paggris, Saffas and Dastars. Every culture is embraced. Furthermore, our menswear section now provides a range of finely crafted, unique and prestigious Shervanis.

Our turbans and parnas are sourced directly from Punjab in India. Browse our selection of full voile and rubiya materials to achieve your Kenyan, Rajasthani or various Punjabi style turban look.

Pagh Vala is a team duo of Barinder & Jagdeep. Between them, they have over 30 years' experience in tying classic and unique turbans.

The concept of Pagh Vala all began when close friends and relatives asked us to come and help tie turbans for their special day. From this we realised that there were a number of individuals who tied great turbans on themselves but struggled to tie the same masterpiece on others.

We noticed that our grooms were not achieving the final look they had envisaged. After speaking to many of the grooms we found that the turban tying element was not getting the right amount of attention to detail it deserved, especially as one wearing the turban should look and feel confident.
The Turban is our crown and holds religious and cultural aspects for many faiths. With that in mind, we have created the Pagh Vala brand to ensure you look, feel like royalty whilst holding your head high.

We have found that there is a higher demand for turban tying and in order to create such turbans we have needed to source material from Punjab. Unfortunately, the stores locally did not have the same quality and finish we required in order for that perfect turban we wanted with our clients. Therefore, we have recently introduced an additional service where you are able to buy your turban or parnas.

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