Estelle Les Macarons

Welcome to Estelle Les Macarons!

After having lived many years in England, one thing I feel home-sick about as a typical French person (apart from my lovely family) is food! And yes, this includes cheese, wine and of course French macarons!

I absolutely love macarons, not because I am French but simply because of everything I have experienced with them… A small reminder of the very best of my country; vibrant and colourful, yet petit and refined.

Thankfully, great French cuisine doesn’t stop at our borders, but is carried in the hearts and minds of the French people to be enjoyed by all!

This was my inspiration for Estelle Les Macarons; I want to create a whole new experience for my customers. My motto is to be different; my handmade macarons will surprise you with an array of unique twisted blends and flavours while holding onto the values of what makes a perfect classical French macaron.

Estelle Les Macarons
Estelle Les Macarons

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