Couture Bridal by Ekkta

Ekkta's aim is to make sure you have complete privacy in the comfort of your own home, without having the added pressure choosing a style 'off the shelf'.
We know that half the fun of planning a wedding is finding the dress and jewellery that pulls it all together.
That is why we offer a tailored design process to our brides looking for a personalised bridal set to compliment the whole bridal look.
All appointments are booked via our contact form and the consultation lasts up to 1 hour. We always recommend to all brides, to have your dress ready.
#CB are always on the go to create beautiful new pieces, just to deliver the best for our brides. Making sure you always sparkle and ending the journey elegantly.

Couture Bridal by Ekkta
Tresor House of Beauty on 249 Ladypool Road, B12 8LF

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