Why we want to put a CheesySmile on your face

Our breakthrough cure for thaasophobia (that’s a fear of boredom to me and you)!

The CheesySmiles scientists have been working for years in a secret underground bunker to find a cure for boredom – and they’ve done it! Just hire our photo booth service and say goodbye to boredom forever!

Most parties these days are full of people with a camera stuck in somebody else’s face, taking blurry, badly-framed photos.

Everyone is so obsessed with recording the event, they forget to do the most important thing – have fun!

So a photo booth was a no-brainer – setting up an area of the party where you can go and have fun, professional-quality photos taken with your friends, along with the madness of props and the cheesiest of smiles.
It’s crazy and we love it.

CheesySmiles was created because photography shouldn’t just be used to record good times, photography should be used to make good times great.
Why Cheesy Smiles

They say, a picture is worth thousand words. True that. It doesn’t matter what event you have, its always best to hire a photo booth so that you get more intriguing photos at the end. Rent affordable photobooths from us so that you never worry to miss those thousands words again.

Cheesy Smiles
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