Stress Free Weddings

Enjoy your big day, as it will flash by so quickly!

We had our wedding a few years ago so I’m guessing alot has changed in the planning part of the wedding with fashion and trends and what’s hot and what’s not to have at your big day. But one thing I’m sure that has changed is the stress you go thru whilst planning your big day. Just remember it’s your day and it’s a day that isn’t going to come around again in your life.

It takes such along time to plan your big day but when it comes to the actual day it literally flashes by. I remember waking up the morning after and me and my husband both being like “oh it’s all over already what do we do now?” as we spent so much of our time just planning our big day we had forgotten what it was like to not have anything to plan or do. My advice would be plan your big day exactly how you like and be selfish and think of yourselves as nobody is going to re live the memory of your big day like you and your partner will do.

Don’t over think and stress yourself out with the finner details as I promise you not a lot of guest will pay attention to all that and remember to enjoy your big day. Our wedding events went by so fast, that I actually remember me and my husband both didn’t eat at our reception party or have a drink other than when we poured champagne in a glass. At our wedding we rushed our food so we could get our photos done in time before we had to change for the evening reception. It was all such a rush for us and everything happened so quickly one after the other. If you are hesitant on timings and want to ensure your day flows smoothly, why not hire a toastmaster to ensure you are stress free and that everything runs to plan. In that way you can enjoy your day better and take in the fun and laughter created by your family and friends.

By Beejal Patel