Sari Drapping Services


There are a number of ways to drape a sari, each region of India have their own unqiue styles. Take a look at a few below – or get a quote today

Athpourey shari
The most popular of them all, traditionally Bengali saree is draped without pleats. It is wrapped around and brought back to the right side and the pallu is tossed over the left shoulder. The pallu is taken under the right arm and again over the left shoulder. Traditionally a bunch of keys was attached to the pallu thrown over the right shoulder, finishing the look. The keys would signify the most important woman of the household as she would incharge.
Colors range from red to white.

Nivi drape
This is the most common style of draping the saree, its not just in india where its popular but worldwide. It orginated from Andhra Pradesh, India – its a mix of both traditional and modern. It does require some essential pre-requisites – safety pins, petticoat or under-skirt, and blouse.

Mekhela chador
This is a traditional attire worn by Assamese women – its very easy to drape and is comfortable – and also looks great for on anyone.
The folds are to the right and are few unlike the Nivi drape

Nauvari saree
The Nauvari or the original nine-yard saree speaks volumes about the strong, independent women of Maharashtra. This saree draping style is distinguished by its unusual draping pattern which necessitates it being worn around the legs like a dhoti while the upper part is worn like a normal saree. One of the best examples of the nauvari saree is demonstrated by lavani folk dancers. It permits easy movement of the legs accentuating every move of the wearer elegantly.

Seedha pallu
Since the late 19th century, urban women have adopted this style of draping – The pallu is draped over the right shoulder back to front. This style of draping the saree makes you look slim. It is best to drape the sari in your footwear to get the ideal length of the saree.
The pallu can be identified as it would have the heavier design or maybe a different colour to the rest of the saree.

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