The importance of music at a Hindu Wedding

Adding a unique touch to create the perfect atmosphere for your Wedding Day

What makes a Hindu wedding interesting to watch?

Having the perfect match between a priest whom is able to explain the traditional shloks and rituals, and coordinated ceremony music, makes the
ceremony insightful whilst also being interesting for guests.

Photo taken by Jai Shah Photography

How does the ceremony music compliment and integrate with the priest?

The ceremony music is coordinated and synronised with the priest and the
rituals being performed during the ceremony. As each ritual is performed by the priest, the relevant song is played, seamlessly complimenting each stage throughout the wedding. The music creates a perfect match with the priest allowing guests to also understand the Sanskrit rituals through the
means of traditional lagna geet.

Photo taken by Jai Shah Photography

What will it add to my wedding?

Music is perhaps the most universal way of communicating emotions and joy, two elements which the Hindu wedding ceremony is not short of. The ceremony music will create the perfect musical ambiance throughout the wedding, making it special for the bride and groom, and  rememberable for the guests.

I want a silent wedding, how will the ceremony music help achieve this?

With many couples now choosing to have a silent ceremony performed, the music now plays a bigger part than it ever did. It creates a musical atmosphere to accompany and compliment the Sanskrit shloks and
English translations by the priest, whilst keeping the ceremony engaging for guests.

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