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So the proposal seems like it happened ages ago, the months are flying by and the wedding is fast approaching. Something on every brides mind will be the all important outfits. And yes, not one, not two, probably not even three, but several outfits! There is so much pressure to find the right ones, and finding something a little unique will be on most brides check lists.

An Indian wedding will always ignite images of reds, golds and greens. These days however, in a way to create something different, brides and grooms are gearing away from these obvious colours and introducing a wider colour palette.


Even celebrities are flaunting more modern outfits. Anushka Sharma sparkled in a pastel pink wedding lengha and Kavita cola added a fresh twist to her bridal lengha, wearing a floral skirt by SabyaSachi.

Patterns, especially florals look great for a spring or summer wedding. They also look great for events such as your mehndi party, Sangeet or engagement. My favourite colour combination at present is peach with pastel green. The colours complement each other so well.

Top Trends:

  • Swap red for pink. Soft pinks are very romantic and compliment an Indian wedding.
  • Swap dark green for pastel greens. It creates a fresh, cleaner look.
  • Swap plain lenghas for patterned. They will definitely make a statement.
  • Swap straight cuts for a princess trail. Every girl wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day.

Once you’ve got your outfit (I’m guessing most girls will get theirs before the guys), then make sure you tell your other half what colour they need to get to match. There’s nothing worse than seeing each other on the mandap when the antarpat is lowered, to see that your husband to be is in completely different colours to you! I remember giving my husband a colour swatch from my outfit so that he could match to it. It’s probably the easiest thing to do if you don’t want them to see your outfit before the big day.

Saying that, the wedding is of course, the grooms big day too. So why not look for something a bit more unique. It’s becoming more popular for guys to ditch the heavy embroidery and go for something a lot simpler but sharper. Teaming this with a heavy scarf or turban can instantly transform you into feeling like a King!


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