Branding & Logo Design

The fundamental idea and core concept behind having a corporate brand or a logo is that everything a company does, everything it owns and everything it produces should reflect the values and aims of the business as a whole. A brand design can consist of many elements from colours, typography, shapes or icons to reflect the company’s moto. Developing a strong brand identity for your company is an important factor for success. Effective branding can help you build your reputation and make you stand out from others or your competitors.

Our experienced in house team of graphic designers can help you create stunning and appealing logo designs for your wedding business. Whether you are a start up business or simply looking to refresh your current logo, we will generate ideas from your initial brief to the final developed visual concept of your brand new logo.

Promotional Video

We live in a day and age where videos are becoming more effective on social media. Just like content, video needs to be engaging, interesting and unique to be effective. Why not communicate your brand awareness through a promotional video.

At The Wedding Hut, our team are able to capture stunning corporate visuals so you can reach out to your audience. We will aim to tell the story of your business journey with voice overs, enhanced music and moving high definition imagery.

High-Resolution Touched Up Photos

Do you need professional photos to be taken for your products or services? With several years of experience in photography and film, we can help you capture everything you need. Using high-resolution images for large-scale print or even showcasing your products online should always appeal to your customers. If an image is not visually attractive or has been captured incorrectly it could also have an affect on your level of work and detract customers from booking your products or services.

Social Media Awareness

In today’s world, the power of social media can give your business the perfect opportunity to show your brand off. Social media allows you to connect to your audience through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many more. The more interesting your posts are to your audience, the more they are going to want to interact with it. We can help you do all this and boost your brand awareness through social media post sharing and popular hash tags.

Website Design & Build

It’s no secret that in this day and age, online presence equals brand awareness. The way your website is designed plays an important factor to the success of your brand. It has to be highly recognisable so visibility of your brand can increase the creditability and will want to make your targeted audience use your products and services. The user journey and functionality of your website are just as important as the design and look of the website. Whether you are looking to redesign your website to promote your brand or to get it created from scratch, our in house graphic and web design team at The Wedding Hut can help you with this.

For prices and more information on any of the above services please email or please use our online contact form to get in touch.