Things to ask when booking your Wedding Videographer

Whether to book a wedding videographer is an important decision to make when planning your big day. Many couples choose to book only a photographer to capture stills of the special moments of their big day. But the true emotions are not always expressed on photos as opposed to on film. Videographers will capture the live event of your day as it unfolds and all the memories will be shown on motion film.

It is important to ask a few questions to ensure your videographer is the ideal fit for you both.

How many weddings have you filmed in the past?

Knowing this will give you an idea of the experience and the level of professionalism received from the team, to ensure you receive a high quality video of your big day. Knowing that the videographers are familiar with certain ceremonies is also important to avoid any confusion or parts being missed out of your special day.

What is your editing process and time frame?

When receiving your final film you want it to be edited to its best possibility with a nice clean-cut finish, ensuring the most important parts of the day are added in. Also, receiving the video within a reasonable time frame is important. The video should not be rushed and must be worked on in fine detail but also many couples like to relive and share the memories within the year of their event.

Videography by H.O.M Productions

How many people will be filming my wedding?

Having more than one videographer ensures that all aspects of the day are covered in different ways and all important moments or ceremonies of the day are captured. It is always a good idea to meet the team who will be capturing your event, as it will allow them to understand your requirements. At the same time it allows you to build a good relationship and feel comfortable with the team before hand as well as on your big day.

This being said is the most important of all when tackling many other costs while planning your wedding. It is important to review and discuss the packages to ensure you receive all that you need for the day and the final process when receiving your wedding film. Also, it is crucial discussing the hour’s covered or any additional charges that may incur if extra time is needed. Also ensure to read the contract before signing or making payments to make sure your needs are met and the videographer delivers the level of professionalism you except.

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