Looking to have the perfect wedding for the best value?

Want to save precious time so you can focus on more important things?

Based on years of research and past wedding experiences, we at The Wedding Hut know that organising your wedding can be a very stressful time.

You have to visit multiple websites and suppliers to get your wedding perfected to your requirements. You will end up seeing various mandap or decor websites, thousands of catering menus and multiple entertainment providers.

All of this time and effort is put in to planning your big day and you don’t even get the time to take in the actual wedding day because your stress level has gone up.

Would it not be nice if you could simply click on one website and see multiple wedding suppliers for specific areas of interest, or even better you could go to a single website and click on a category like wedding cakes and see various photos from all cake suppliers and simply filter down to select the type of wedding cake you are looking for.

Wedding planning can be a stressful process purely due to the time it can take up, as you have to contact each individual supplier for specific wedding requirements and request quotes. At times you will come to realise that they do not provide the specific product or service you are looking for, or there are other local wedding suppliers who offer the same products and services that match your exact requirements.

Look no further, here at The Wedding Hut with 10 years of commercial and web development experience, The Wedding Hut team have created this seamless Online Web Portal with an ultimate search engine to ensure a stress free experience.

We all know that Asian wedding’s can cost a fortune, so our team thought outside the box. How about if you could let one company know all your wedding requirements and they communicate with multiple suppliers who can meet your budget. That’s exactly what we have developed a bidding system, to allow you to simply complete our online form with your requirements and The Wedding Hut will do the rest, while you plan your honeymoon – it’s as simple as that!


To highlight key unique features our Web Portal can offer including:

  • Search for a particular product or service

  • Browse products and services

  • Filter through products or service to refine your search

  • Compare your selected products or services

  • Review particular products or services

  • Share your chosen products or services with your friends & family through social media

  • Quote for your chosen products or services

We are constantly looking for your feedback so we can improve and develop our platform further, to keep our customers experience positive. Why not be part of our growing team and follow us on Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to keep up to date. Not only will you be helping us improve our platform but also we will keep you informed with any special promotions our suppliers are offering – all to stretch that shiny £ further.

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